Why You Shouldn’t Ask For an Estimate

Before computerization, insurance companies would make customers get three estimates for collision repairs. The insurance company would take the lowest one and work with that company to get your vehicle fixed.
It took the choice away from the customer as to where they wanted to get their vehicle repaired. State law says that you can get your car fixed wherever you want.
Back then estimates were written by hand. The estimates were extremely accurate because you could see everything that was damaged and there were fewer parts in vehicles. The Model T had roughly 50 parts; today’s vehicles have 50 parts in just the bumper!
Today, much of what needs to be fixed can’t be discovered during the traditional visual estimation process. We can’t write an accurate repair plan unless the vehicle is 100% disassembled.
At the end of the day, consumers just need to get their vehicle fixed and the decision comes down to whether you want Ankeny Auto Body 1 to fix your car or another collision repair facility. Make that decision, it’s your choice, and then schedule the repairs.