Ankeny Auto Body 1 Utilizes Lean Manufacturing

Ankeny Auto Body 1 employs lean manufacturing as described as the Toyota Productioni System which started back in 1970.

Toyota Motor Company founded the Toyota Family and the Toyota Production System (TPS) which was founded in conjunction with the beginning of Henry Ford’s assembly line.

In the traditional manufacturing process, they wanted to find out how to do something faster. This oftentimes leads to over production during that process of the process ahead of it isn’t going as fast.
Insurance companies want to bring all cars in to collision repair facilities on Mondays so they’re not paying rental car fees over the weekend. As you can see, this leads to over production on our end through washing cars, tearing down the vehicles and all the way through our entire process.

The same lean manufacturing concept has been introduced to many different types of manufacturing businesses and even into office buildings and service environments.