A Process Centered Environment

AkzoNobel developed the concept of a Process Centered Environment. They are a leading global paints and coatings company and major producer of specialty chemicals. We use Sikkens paint, one of their products, so it’s only natural that we look to them for business support.

A Process Centered Environment Program provides us with the ability to create a sustainable competitive advantage by utilizing a series of interconnecting / interactive events that allows a product or process to flow freely and continuously utilizing the:

  • Right amount of energy
  • Right resources
  • Right materials

That will allow the finished product to be delivered at the:

  • Right time
  • Right quality
  • Right cost

The goal of the Process Centered Environment is to provide stakeholders and customers with the ultimate experience.

5S is the the first step and the key to workplace organization and standardization through visual management. 5S includes: sort everything, set it in order, sweep and shine, standardize and sustain.

Our in-house production model is a combination of 5S and Six Sigma, the Theory of Constraints and Lean manufacturing. AkzoNobel has helped us develop our process centered environment.

This process includes 100% disassembly of vehicles and the idea of bringing in the same number of vehicles each day and moving the same amount of work through the production departments each day by pulling them through the process based on delivery date.

We implement these processes so we can provide our customers with the best experience.