Construction of Second Paint Booth

Booth two was a little more complicated because there was an existing plenum...

We had to tear out the concrete. Now, they still was a pit in here. It looks like it's almost done, but it's not...

When they dug out the pit, the concrete was 14 inches thick! We had to hire a big excavation company to come in at night to break up the concrete.

After the old pit was torn out, we needed to start pouring the three different stages. January 5 - forming up for the pit floor - plenum floor. On January 7, they formed up the plenum walls. January 8, they poured some more.

The walls were poured on January 8, the booth floor was poured on January 12. Also on January 12, the semi with the actual paint booth was delivered. An assembly crew from Rhonde Island and a master assembler engineer came from the State of Washington. By the time you read this post, we should have booth two up and running.

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