Ankeny Auto Body Fire Update

Read about Phase 1 after the fire.

We continued to paint at Ace Body & Motor 1 for the next 4 plus weeks. The paint department, prep at Ankeny Auto Body 1 and refinish at Ace Body and Motor 1 averaged 2 cycles per day, which is about half of our normal production. This process required complete preparation at our shop and then we hauled the vehicles in a 34 foot enclosed trailer, which is owned one of our body technicians, to Ace for the actual painting. I was the driver for the first 2 weeks. The remaining time we hired Combined Relocation Services to haul the vehicles. To help with the production we sublet complete painting to R Jones Collision 1, which were also transported by Combined Relocation Services. This allowed me to concentrate on managing the demolition and construction process.

We contracted with Hay Construction to proceed with the demolition of the burnt paint booth. My friend and I cut up the booth and hauled, by trailer, to Alter Recycling. Our first new booth arrived November 10th and the booth assembly contractor from Rhode Island came the same day to start the booth installation. The booth was ready for start-up on November 24th. The first vehicle was painted on November 26th, literally 4 weeks and 3 days after the fire. This involved electrical, gas, sprinkler and roofing contractors to work in conjunction with the booth contractor in a true group effort to get us back to painting in our facility.

The fact that we had a new booth ordered 3 months prior and had the concrete floor plenum completed allowed us to complete booth 1 installation in 1 month. If not for that it would have been 5 months..OUCH! That would have pushed me over the edge.

I can’t thank everyone involved enough to step up and get thru this set back. The 1Collision Iowa network of shops really showed the true value of our existence, truly like a family, helping us with open arms, or paint booths! Phase 3 blog will be on the construction of booth 2.

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